What is Coachfairer?

Coachfairer is a search engine for coach & bus travel launched in May 2014. It was born out of frustration that there was no way online to search for coaches like there is for flights - no equivalent to Skyscanner, Dohop or Kayak. Those sites search and match routes to find the best way to fly between two places, then they search for the best prices for those routes. We do the same, but with coaches.

Who are we?

Coachfairer is from Atomised Co-operative Ltd, a tiny technology company based in Scotland. Although we are small, so is Scotland and that hasn't stopped this little northern nation being at the forefront of science and technology for centuries (including Skyscanner) We are a worker co-op which means everyone who works here is also an owner. It also means we care about stuff like making travel affordable for you and sustainable for the environment.

What we care about - a fairer price for you

The benefits of this approach are numerous. Coachfairer allows you to compare prices between operators. Coachfairer also effectively combines all coach operators and coach routes into a single network. We link up thousands of places not directly connected (we have almost 1 million routes and counting), making travelling to more places by coach possible. As a result we find fares you just won't find anywhere else. And if that wasn't enough we automatically tell you if you'd be cheaper splitting your bookings e.g buying 2 tickets instead of 1. And best of all, none of this costs you anything! Being completely independent, we link you through directly to the coach company website to complete your bookings. No hidden charges, no added fees.

What we care about - a fairer deal for the environment

A full coach is 13x more carbon efficient than moving the same number of people by car (i.e it produces 88% less C02) and 1 full coach removes 1 mile of motorway lane traffic. For more about why Coaches are amongst the greenest ways to travel see our blog post "Coaches are the greenest way to travel. Surprised? Coaches are also a hedge against the insane train fare price increases in Britain - they have always been the 'people's form of transport'